What our customers are saying...

"Both Tamar and Gidon are excellent teachers and very patient. My experience with them is as tutors for learning Hebrew. They work with the student and gear the lessons to the students' needs. For me, this has been in my area of expertise, agronomy and soils. My Hebrew conversations have involved plants, urban agriculture, how and where to plant crops, links in Hebrew to agronomy websites. I highly recommend Ravinia Tutors."

Eli G.

"We used Ravinia Tutors and thought they were excellent! My child worked with Tamar on reading and math one summer, and she provided him with great instruction and gave him a lot of confidence as he entered the next grade of school. We were very appreciative of her work with him. She is professional, knowledgeable about the school curriculum, and friendly and nice to work with. We'd strongly recommend this business to anyone whose child needs a tutor. "

Nikki D.

"Tamar is an excellent tutor - and what makes her so excellent, and unique, is that not only does she know Hebrew (as a native speaker), but she also knows how to teach Hebrew. My two girls (ages 11 and 9) have worked with Tamar over the past year. We began working with her to supplement the Hebrew education our girls were receiving in Hebrew School. My oldest daughter expressed interest in learning more Hebrew, so we looked for, and found, a wonderful Hebrew tutor. Tamar works with both of our daughters at the same time (during the same hour) but manages to successfully individualize their Hebrew instruction. Over the course of the year, Tamar has learned what motivates them and how to motivate them! She is very patient with both girls and is so supportive of their progress. They both look forward to working with her because she is just so genuinely encouraging. Tamar cares about their Hebrew instruction, and it shows. She has brought over games, songs, and supplements that continue to engage my girls. Both girls have improved their Hebrew tremendously. My oldest is a fluent reader and while preparing for her Bat Mitzvah, is also simultaneously learning Hebrew as a language. My youngest has learned all of her letters and is an emerging reader (with consistent, steady progress). Tamar is warm, gracious, patient, dedicated, caring and works towards engaging her students. I can not recommend her more highly. She is a gem in the world of educators and we are so fortunate to be working with her."

Sarah S.